Assign Plugin: Setting to exclude closed topics from pending assignments reminder PM

The assign plugin has this awesome feature which reminds the user of their pending assignments. In our use case, we close the bug reports and feature requests once they’re resolved. But we still keep them assigned to the devs for the record. So unassign_on_close doesn’t serve us.

I would like to propose a site setting, exclude close topics from reminder PM which simply does what it says on the box :wink: .


I wonder if it could simply it be an option?

closing assigned items: Do nothing
Mute reminders

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I’m pretty sure assigned was designed to be for stuff that needs to be done yet. Someone else from the team would have to comment if this is something we’d want to implement, but an alternative option could be using a staff-only tag on the topic saying who owns it.


This is certainly not the intended design. How do you even keep track properly of things you need to do, if your todo list only ever grows?

My recommendation here would be to start unassigning when done, then use a data explorer query. I am significantly warmer for a new filter on the assign page that lists “staff that was assigned to me in the past and is not longer assigned”,

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Noted. We just use advanced search or url params to only show topics that are open and assigned. :wink:

That could work. We’ll discuss internally if that could do the job for us.

I haven’t looked at the code yet, so it seemed like unassigning just gets rid of the assignment info. But that isn’t the case so the filter makes sense.