Add a closed symbol next to the top topic summary on user profiles

This feature would allow for easier moderating and overviewing a user’s profile if any topics are old and should be closed after discussion there has ended. Instead of clicking on the topic to see if it’s closed or not, you can see right there in the topic summary on the user’s page.

I made a more than crude “drawing” to show my thought more clearly. Move the title of the topic over and put the lock/closed symbol to the left of it.

I don’t know if you guys are trying to keep the quick summary of the topic in the user’s profile simple and to the point, but it would be helpful if the symbols for unlisted and archived could be shown as well if possible.



I was also wondering why the folder symbol (for archiving) isn’t shown next to a topic’s title. Is this on purpose?


It’s just rare to have archived topics in general.

I’m not entirely convinced topic state needs to be shown in this particular place though.

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Could it be an option? I think closed/not closed is something that should be shown above all else except a title.

Maybe you could also add a preference so the user’s top topics only displays open topics? (The same could go for archive I guess, but as you said topics are rarely archived)

I fundamentally disagree with this statement. Why would you moderate topics on a per-user basis? What would the purpose of that even be?

Categories can be configured to automatically close topics a certain amount of time after the last response. Why wouldn’t you do that, rather than stalk user profiles and then moderate stuff in their top topics?

Similarly, I don’t think it’s fair to remove something from the top topics if the topic has been locked. By definition Top Topics doesn’t imply whether the topic is open to new replies, contributions in now-closed topics don’t suddenly become less relevant. It’s a historical record of their top contributions.

Maybe there’s a use case here you’re not doing a good job of communicating, or you’re simply using the wrong tool for the job. Either way these suggestions don’t do anything to enhance the users profile, which is what those fields are for.