Sort by closed status?

We don’t want to unlist closed topics generally — they should be discoverable and people may want to review them… But we often close topics that have been effectively concluded.

I want visitors to have their attention drawn to topics that are not closed, even if the most recent comments from today were on topics that were then closed following those comments. Last week’s topic that is still open should be at the top of the sorting list over newer things that are closed.

Is there any way at all to sort this way? Show closed topics but put them below the open ones? Or hide them from the overview lists, requiring an action to show them again? Something like this?

Ideally, we’d like this to be default.

Basically: it stinks to have a visitor come and see most of the topics in the Latest list are all closed. It stinks to leave topics that should be closed open just to avoid that. What we want is people to focus on the non-closed topics!

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It should be easy enough to add a nav link like

For example, compare
Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse
Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse
and scroll to around 12 hours ago.

It wouldn’t sort by open, but instead would not show closed topics in the latest list. The closed topics would still be exposed elsewhere.

Else, IIRC, the closed topics could get a CSS display: none which would effectively be the same to a member.


We do this in our forum. In the Questions & Answers and Problem Solving categories.