Add column to home page topic list

Hi all!

I need add colum with author topic avatar to home page topic list.

I have a design:

This page now:

Help me please! Thank you!

Your links don’t work:

Sorry, upload images to topic

maybe there is an easy way to do this with a similar script?

var TopicListComponent = require('discourse/components/topic-list').default;
    showLikes: true

There is no easy way to amend a template, you have to completely rewrite it to move stuff around if a CSS hack is not enough, you can see an example here:


Thank you Sam! Where is the discourse template file that is responsible for displaying topics? I’ll try to create a theme.

Do I need to override this template?

In override file add column with author avatar:

<td class='poster-author'>
<a href="{{poster.user.path}}" data-user-card="{{poster.user.username}}" class="{{poster.extraClasses}}">{{avatar poster avatarTemplatePath="user.avatar_template" usernamePath="user.username" namePath="" imageSize="small"}}</a>

I think correctly?

Sorry for more questions) I worked with php only

Created theme GitHub - Varhal/Discourse-author-column: Discourse


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