Add custom buttons at the top of the site

I’m new to the Discourse universe and I’ve been wandering around various Discourse sites, where I found the Parti Pirate Discourse:

I wonder how they managed to add all those custom buttons on the top. Is there a theme or plugin for this? Did they create their own?

I would like to try to do the same. I know there is a theme component and some discussions about customizing the header, but I want these buttons just below the header, in order to don’t display them after the user scrolls.

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It is a custom banner.

The first part uses some javascript to generate automatically the current and future meetings. The script is visible in the source code. They applied a different style for active or inactive meetings.

The last 4 buttons are hard coded in a discourse theme. You can search for custom-bar in the source code to see how they’ve done this.

And they’ve mixed it all together


Got it, I created some buttons, thank you!

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