Add more privacy options

I think there should be more privacy options. I have some ideas which could be useful:

1- Add an option for posting as an anonym user.
• This setting will be helpful if poster doesn’t want to be found with searches on the internet. Also there shall be a feature for making the past messages and/or topics they created an anonym post. This will help a lot.

2- Add an option for making profile hidden.
• So people won’t be able to find details in your profile.

These are my ideas and there can be a lot more.

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I believe it is already possible to post as an anonymous user. I could be recalling incorrectly though, but if I am not this would be terribly abused. Users could violate the rules anonymously and community/staff wouldn’t know who it is.

Discourse also allows for hiding profiles already too. But some forums disable it. My profile is hidden on here too for no apparent reason. This would also break SEO if you could opt out of search indexes.


As I said on the Roblox Developer Forum, I believe that users should also have an option to change email privacy because right now, users are forced to have it private.

@incapaz I just joined Discourse Meta and there is no way to post/reply anonymously.

Already exists, admins can enable it using the allow anonymous posting site setting.

Already exists, visit and check “Hide my public profile and presence features”.