Add new action in rails controller

I’m building a plugin to add new exports in the users section.
Instead to add new controller for every export I would like to extend the ExportCsvController and add new actions to it.
How can I achieve this?


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What problem my are you solving? Could the data explorer plugin solve it?

If not, you can have a look at it, as it adds a route and exports csv.


Thanks for your reply.

I need to create two new exports:

  1. users with membership groups
  2. categories with related groups

I would like to add these two exports inside the ExportCsvController without creating new controller for every export.
Yes, the data explorer could solve the problem but the client for whom I am building the forum is not technical so exporting to CSV is the only way to show him the data.

The plugin is not adding a new method for an existing rails controller but it is creating a new controller for the data explorer logic.

The data explorer plugin will let them download a csv.

And if you want you can automate it by downloading the file directly with the API.


With the Data Explorer plugin, you have a button to export in CVS or JSON (and, recently, even one to show a graph).

You can also allow specific groups to access the query (if we are not talking about admin users here)

Then, the user can see a Reports on the group page. He can run the query, and then he can export the results to CSV.

Would that work?


Yes it can work but the user need to know how to write down a SQL query right?

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You (the admin) create the SQL, and the user can run the query – the users can’t create or edit.

What the user sees is a list of queries they can run:


Ok thanks, I will try to investigate if this solution can work for our customers. :pray: