Add number of rejected posts to top bar on user summary page

It would be nice if there were an easy way to see a user’s rejected posts. It looks like ther is room on the user page next to the flagged and deleted posts. Would this be hard? Could a theme component add it?


I’d be interested in this.

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What do you mean specifically by rejected posts? Is this a site where all posts must be approved/rejected?

Or are we talking about when a post was flagged and something happened to it?


Not ALL posts, only some. Most prevalent use-case is when a post has been put into the pending queue because it contained a ‘watched’ word that I have set up under Logs/Watched Words, and when reviewed by us, we observe that it is junk. Thus, I’d like to be able to observe (quickly/easily) to what extent a particular user is attempting to post content we don’t want. Seems like that black bar would be an ideal place?


We added this here:


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