Where can a user find the post that was rejected by the moderator?

I found a similar topic, but the answer wasn’t given there and the topic was closed.

If a post is not approved, do the users have a copy of it some where so they can revise and repost it?

If the moderator rejects it, the post disappears for the user. Why can’t the user find rejected posts in “My posts” section?


Hello there @Ed_Bobkov!

Thanks for asking this. Unfortunately the user cannot see the post that was rejected by the moderator. The user should ask @ moderators as to why they rejected the post.

Hope this answers your question.


Change to add this to the user archive export:


I don’t think we’re going to be showing rejected queued posts in the UI, but including it in the data export is not too hard.


But that’s not a solution.
A better way would be to let the user to change smth in the post. In this case we simply should keep the post inactive but dismiss it from the moderation tab.

A moderator can send the user a message what to fix in the post. This way the idea of the moderation process is fully realized.

But when we simply delete the post we damage the reputation of the site. Please, think of it from this point.

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Hmm, if the post is “okay but needs edits”, I typically approve and then edit or ask the person to edit. Only rejecting spam.

What kind of expectations are you looking for in the post approval queue?

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Nothing unusual. Approve or decline. But if declined, they should be kept in “My posts” in a draft or smth like that mode.

I meant, what kind of approval criteria do you have that returning the post to the user actually makes sense? When do you press Decline?

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It’s our internal guidelines. Each forum has there own rules.

we need this on our site too. Sometimes the writer finds out they want to edit something after submitting for approval. Or moderator finds out there are some mistakes that need to be modified. I think it is better that after the moderator rejected topic, writers can edit it and resubmit again.

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This question is very important for any topic creator who was moderated and lost the created topic that could be changed. I wonder why it’s not solved, because the solution may be very simple - to change the order - not to delete the post but to leave it as a draft with a message from the moderator to the topic owner.

@codinghorror, @sam could you please share your opinion on this problem?

The rejected posts are included in a user’s ‘download all’ data export, if that’s any use?

I do not think that it will help any ordinary user who wants to edit the declined topic and resubmit it to moderation.

It’s very strange that this question has no answer. Is it really not important for others?

Did anything change with rejected posts in this release @sam?

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@flink91 refined this area a bit, he can expand


Nothing changed AFAIK on this matter. With the new release a user can see their pending posts but if a post is rejected then the behavior we currently have is still the same.