Watched Word Filtered Post

Upon the Watched Words feature catching a particular post and holding it for review (as shown here), when I hit Reject Post, a. does the User get any sort of notification message? b. does the post get tagged as Deleted in the database (and thus still in captivity), or does is vanish such that there is no record of it anywhere in the system?

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Rejecting a post does not notify the user that it was rejected.

When a user submits a post with a watched word and you have it set so that the posts are funneled to the review queue, the user will see a pop-up message that their post is being held for review. They will be aware that it hasn’t immediately been posted.

Discourse keeps a record of everything that has gone through the review queue. You can adjust the filters on the sidebar to get a list of posts that were rejected. For example, if you set the filters to the following, you will see all rejected posts that entered the queue at some point, sorted by most recent.

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@tshenry Thanks a ton. Takes care of me completely. Appreciate you.

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