Add "orderdesc" modification to advanced search

(Anton) #1

While we can choose which field to order by when searching in advanced mode:

  • order:views
  • order:latest
  • order:likes

… we cannot choose whether we want to order ascending or descending.

Adding orderdesc modifier would easily make it possible:

  • orderdesc:views
  • orderdesc:latest
  • orderdesc:likes

(Kane York) #2

order:likes is already descending, right?

So what you want is “the opposite of the normal order that this term means”.

Not sure about this, but… How about order:-views to start at 0 and go up, while order:-latest starts at the oldest?

(Sam Saffron) #3

struggling to think of use cases for orderdesc:likes or orderdesc:views, though I am open to possibly adding order:earliest (its quite rare to need though)

(Anton) #4

We should find a way to allow for opposite ordering for any ordering type (kind of a universal way of doing it), then easier to remember and use.

You never know what one could come up with :slight_smile:

I’d use orderdesk:likes to identify which type of material is the worst in terms of people likes and not create similar topics, or not include them in the lists.

orderdesc:views might possibly indicate topics that need some more useful information to get more attractions from organic search.

I think there might be more use-cases I can’t think of, why not just make it possible with a single operator.