Add "select below" and "select above" admin post selection action

It happens a lot that when splitting topics, you more-or-less need to select all posts downstream of a certain post to get a proper split.

This is a pain in the ass in the current admin interface:

  • you have to manually walk down all the posts and click them, though “select+replies” helps a bit.
  • the selection UI is crazy slow for reasons I don’t fully understand. Like absurdly slow, 1 second wait after each click.

So I suggest we add an “above” and “below” button after “select” to make it easier to select all the posts above or below a certain point in the topic stream:

Warning: @eviltrout said this feature might be hard since the posts you’re selecting may not be loaded in the stream.


Better would be “mark start” and “mark end” buttons. Everything in between gets selected. It would cover the use-case above, as well as when a topic needs to be split into more than one topic (something I am coming across right now)


(Sorry for the bump…)
Just saw this in the Suggested topics while reading about the new timeline feature. This would be awesome if it could be implemented! Personally, I like @haiku’s idea, with the ability to select a start and end post for the move command, sort-of like holding the Shift key down in many lists.

Couple of use-cases for us:

  1. Bug report that veers off topic, grab the posts needed, and move them.
  2. (This is where the end selection is needed, not just “select below”) - long discussion taking place, moving in different directions, but staying on-topic. After a while, we realize that a section of the discussion has become relevant to something else, and need to merge.
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Very much in favour of this.

“select + replies” is a bit of a false promise, because reply-chains are very prone to user error. 90% of my post splits are done on either the last N posts in a topic, or the last N posts except for 1-2 replies that went back on-topic.