Post selection controls on mobile

Hi, in desktop version of Discourse I find it very easy to split topics where I have to make a big selection of posts towards the end of the topic. The selection controls on each post are very clear and nicely placed.

However, in mobile I just have the option to select one post at a time (and not selecting the post + every post below until the end) making it very painful to actually split topics, specially when there’s a big chunk of posts after the one you want to use as a splitting point.

Is there any reason why these controls don’t exist in mobile other than not having been ported to this version?

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Bumping here… should this be considered a bug or is intentional? Is there a way to have this available?

(if it’s because of ux issues with horizontal space on mobile, maybe the option could be added at the end of the topic where there’s a link for “select all”… in this case we would need a “select all below until the end” too)