Missing feature - multi-word and case sensitive tags

Original plugin “discourse-tagging” starts with description which contains sentence ‘…For example if you were running a music forum, being able to tag a topic as “Hip Hop” and “Electronica” would be useful…’
Unfortunately if I try do that upper case are converted to lower case and space is replaced by dash. Why? Is there an option how to preserve exact entry? (e.g. new-york-city or usa looks funny :slight_smile: )

That’s a feature – spaces don’t work well in URLs and it is hard to distinguish words from tags in text when they have spaces in them. Also, having case sensitive tags is a recipe for pain.

So hip-hop and electronica is how it works, and is by design.


Jeff, thanks for answer. I believe technology should adopt to humans not contrary. URL encoding? :wink:
What do you mean by “distinguish words from tags in text”? Tags are displayed in extra space and if you want you can use tag style bullet or box.

Well, if you want that, you should choose different software. This is how it works here.

Is there no way to modify behavior by the plugin?

Probably is, but it would require a lot of work and you would be fighting the core implementation.

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I see. Thank you for the explanation :+1:

I haven’t tried it. but transfer requires spaces to be %20
Try creating a foo%20bar tag and see if it displays OK?

Two characters closer to length limit each use, but if it works it works

That won’t work, it will convert to foo-20bar, the regex specifically replaces non-alphanumeric characters with “-”.

Tagging is not setup to handle spaces at all. It would be a fair amount of work, as you’d also have to potentially update the routing for the tag related pages/filters.