Add tags with space and special characters

I wanted to know how can I create a tag like so:

No Man's Sky

and have its slug to be:


From SEO standpoint, I want to be able to put a phrase like the one I put above, and it will slugify it (same as we do to topic titles) using lowercase characters. The original phrase should then be in the title.

On this forum and on Sitepoint forum, all the tags are lowercase and have dashed and that’s how they appear in the title of the page. This not good that users read the title of the tag page in search engines as a lowercased dashed string, it should appear natural, but only slugified in the URL.

That’s how Wordpress does it and how I do it in all the website I’ve developed.

In the, as a user I put the phrase “No Man’s Sky” and it changed it to “noman’ssky”. This is not how it should work.

The tag need to accept a phrase with special characters and space like a topic, and when the tag is displayed, it needs to be the same as it was entered, but the link should be sanitized, the same as discourse does for topic. This way tag will appear nicely in the title and will be read as needed for search engines (no it appears as noman’ssky in the title, not something that Google will understand what this word means).

I also found a bug I think, when you add apostrophe, it is not removed so this tag returns not found.

We can use the same sanitization function that creates a slug for a topic and use it for tags as well. I really want to use tags in my forum for a certain extent, but this functionality is somewhat broken and not SEO friendly.



You can’t have spaces in tag names? That’s odd.

Would think that by creating a new tag of “example tag” it could just turn that into example-tag and be done with it.