Add temporary Threads logo to current Font Awesome version

Is it possible to add Threads to the Font Awesome version currently used in Discourse like it was done with X (Twitter replacement) last year?


Are there any plans to add such an icon? :sunglasses:

I’m afraid there aren’t any plans to add Threads as a temporary logo, and we’re currently still waiting on the upgrade to FontAwesome 6 for this to be available.

Would this be any help in the meantime?

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In theory, yes. But it looks complicated - just for having a link to our Threads account or having the Threads accounts of our users (nobody entered one in his/her user profile, yet) in the Clickable Social Icon Links on Profile theme component.

But thank you for bringing this up. I was not aware of this. And for sure it is something for “real own” icons which will never be part of FontAwesome.

For my use case and the Threads icon I will wait for FontAwesome 6 integration. :wink:

Is there any rough time schedule/plan for that?

As yet, no firm timeline. Though it has been on the books as a potential for some time. I’ve given it a nudge to see if there’s any expected movement. :crossed_fingers:


I think I may have a small slice of good news… :slight_smile:

No update on FontAwesome 6 yet, but the Threads icons have now been added: :tada:




So great, thank you a lot for that! :slight_smile:

You can already see it live here in my forum (header menu and footer menu). And I also created a PR for Social Links Clickable theme component just now:


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