Add text wrapping for topic titles

This isn’t the end of the world but it would be good if text wrapping for topic titles (which is the default behaviour) kicked in when the text hits a header link, rather than the title becoming “…”

The behaviour is the same for the topic title in the header whether you have this component installed or not. Long titles are truncated and an ellipsis is added at the end.

We never wrap the topic title in the header because the header has a fixed height and there isn’t enough space to display a multiline title and the topic’s category and tag information on a third line below that.

Of course, when you add links with this component, you will by definition reduce the space left for the title to display in. The component gives you a lot of control over what links to keep visible in the header if you’re on a topic page and the title is visible in the header.

That bit is covered in the installation instruction in the OP under “Hide on scroll”.