Review Discourse

Hi friends,

One of the tools I’ve relied on for selecting community software is FeverBee’s platform comparison tool:

I encourage you to check it out. Also, if you love Discourse, why not write up a review of your experience there? The greater the adoption of this platform, the more we all win.


Yes, I think that comparison tool could use some discourse reviews, if only to clarify what it really is and how it differs from commercial solutions. The tool seems to treat all platforms as commercial, not distinguishing, for example, between the discourse software and discourse hosting services. It’s probably legitimate for the audience that the toll intends to address, but I still think it somewhat misrepresents discourse.

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I was part of the team that built that tool (before I worked here). It was tricky to communicate the differences between OS, hosted and 3rd party hosted so as you say, we pitched it to the audience, who are looking for pricing for hosted solutions. There is an OS checkbox though.