Adding Clickable User Fields / Field Types?


I just wondered if anyone else had either done this, or may know how it could be achieved?

We would like to be able to add a clickable field to the user profile but at present the only options are really for text, and even if a URL is entered it isn’t rendered as a hyperlink, thus, you can’t click it.

I’m not sure if the profile functionality can be enhanced through the use of a plugin or whether this is something that could perhaps be added to the main code base?

A topic is running on what we are hoping to achieve here.

In an ideal scenario I suppose there would be a URL Field field type available in the drop down menu, which, at the very least would just turn the provided text into a hyperlink. The icing covered, cherry on the top, version of this sticky bun feature would be to perhaps allow both text and a url to be entered so that it could be more readable on the profile page, thus;

My Readable Link

instead of

Our games added to our profile - Ask -

for example…

Any thoughts?


Thanks for this, I will pass the info on, as unfortunately I’m not in a position to play with it myself - but appreciate the link and will have a good read through :slight_smile: