Improvements to URLs in custom user fields when they link to the forum domain

(Anton) #1

So, every goat farmer in our forum is allowed to create their own personal topic where they share their company news.

I created a custom user field where they can put a URL to such a topic. However, it is not clickable.

In this topic I read why links are not clickable by default. However, when linked to the same domain where the forum runs, it should not be dangerous.

I propose a few ideas on how to improve links behaviour, choose one or many:

  1. Make all links in custom user fields, as well as in user profile description, clickable, if the domain matches the forum domain.

  2. Add a domains whitelist into settings and make all links containing the domain clickable in user profile and custom user fields

  3. If a custom user field (or website url standard user field) contains only a link, and it is a topic or a message link, display the topic title instead and make it clickable.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

Sounds reasonable, but it’s still very niche. You have some programmer chops, so maybe you’d be able to make a plugin for this? You could ask for help in the Dev category when necessary.

(Anton) #3

I tried once and it looks as if Ruby and Ember are not my friends at all. So I don’t code for Discourse, unfortunately. However, I gladly do other things, e.g. translating to Russian, reporting bugs and actively participating in meta.

(Arpit Jalan) #4

We now have a howto for this: