Adding rss feed to discourse page


I’m new to discourse and Id like to add a sidebar/margin etc to display rss feed (jobs, news updates, etc). How would I go about doing this?


For lighter customizations, go to Admin, Customize. There, you can inject CSS code, JavaScript and HTML into many parts of the site.

If you need more concrete help, it’s best if you start by creating mockups: Take screenshots of Discourse and use them to create a rough draft of what you want to achieve. This helps you organizing your thoughts and us knowing what you want :slight_smile:

Adding a persistent sidebar might be quite tricky – there may be no room there, especially on small or even mobile screens. I’d recommend that you either try showing these feeds on a separate page and only adding navigation elements to get there to the header (which is comparatively easy).
Alternatively, it might be more feasible to add these feeds only to a certain screen. For example, on larger screens, it might make sens to add this to Latest by shrinking the existing table horizontally and adding the feeds on the right:

This would require an alternative strategy for mobile, however.


There are a number of existing plugins that add sidebars of sorts. A quick search of the plugin category revealed the following (among others). They may give you a starting point (or a solution) for what you are looking to accomplish.

Discourse Sidebar Blocks
Dynamic sidebar plugin
Custom Layouts Plugin