Adding terms of use

How can I add a sentence like “By registering, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.” on the registration page.

To a similar question an answer before was this:
Admin, customize, user fields, required checkbox

But this is not what I want. This also adds a check box. What is the best way to add just a sentence without the check box. I can try to do it by changing the HTML source code may be but may be there is a better way.

All text in Discourse can be customized in Admin/settings/text content. You can search either by the name of the text or the text in it.

Can’t you just goto /admin/customize/user_fields click on creat user field and then select Text field as your type?
Apologies, I mis-read what you wanted to do.

I will try it, thank you.

If I choose text field then it displays a textfield for getting some text from the user

Jay, I thought of suggesting that, but there isn’t really any text on the sign-up screen to customize!

What text would you suggest customizing there?


Remember CSS can add text using inserts, before or after.


You could do it with CSS, but having some kind of terms of use does seem like something that lots of people should have. It might include stuff like who can do what with stuff posted on ththe site and so on. Many sites require you to agree to terms to participate.

Whether that falls under the umbrella of Civilized Discussion is unclear.

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This has been included since 2013 when the project launched… see /faq /tos /privacy

And since Discourse 1.7 in the footer of the account creation dialog

So maybe that is what this person wants linked or acknowledged on the signup page.

I checked my TOS page. It appears to be the stock page with these words added at the top:


Arguably, I should revisit that.


thanks for the replies but I’m not sure what is the suggested solution here.

Here is some sample CSS that will let you add Text and only Text (you can’t add links/html).

.create-account form::after {
  content: "By registering, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service."

Add it to your Admin > Customize > CSS area. Make sure you enable the customization, then refresh your page and click Sign Up to see it.


thanks, idea about adding also links?

Adding links would require a change to Discourse itself, I think. If there is a plugin outlet at the bottom of the create-account form, you could use a plugin to inject into that outlet, or another approach would be for Discourse to put that div with a empty translation there so people could use the Customize > Text to add what they want in that particular location.

Looking at the template, I see an outlet for prior to the password field, but none after the form.


Apart from the signup screen, the TOS clause would also have to be on the accept invitation screen. It would be great to have a customizable text element that is shown on both of these pages because the CSS workaround is too limited because content does not take any html.

Or perhaps it would make more sense instead to display the custom user fields also on the accept invitation screen? It is currently possible to construct your TOS accept clause as a custom usrr field that is required at signup but unfortunately there seems to be no way to display these for invited users.

Any chance that this will be changed?

I have worked around this by adding the Privavcy and Terms links in the invitation email template.

By using or joining the site, you agree to the SITE NAME Privacy Policy and Terms.

I agree that adding the “click to accept” language on the invite screen would be preferred, just like the normal registration path.


Yes, this one obvious workaroun. Another (which I’m currently using) is to add the clause to the accept invitation page via CSS but the problem with both of these is that you do not have any record of the user accepting the terms (click wrap agreement).

Also, while you can include the ToS clause in the invite email or add it via CSS,you can’t do that with other user fields that you require at ordinary sign-up, so I think that it’s a matter of consistency that user fields are shown on both entry points for new users.

I think something has been overlooked in this topic… in Discourse 1.7 we added

By registering, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.

to the footer of the account creation dialog. Like so:


Yes the links on the signup screen are there but

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Very very minor edge case, but OK.