Notification setting button with context


One of the main complains we are getting from people new to discourse is that it’s not easy or natural to discover how to “subscribe” to a category.

Buttons now:

Is it possible to add another visual aid to make it clear that button there is where you have to go to follow a category?

I was thinking on text aid like:

Also, when you are not logged in there are no buttons. Maybe these buttons should be there to drive users to create an account/log in and get the action done (new post/subscribe) smoothly.


That’s a good point. I don’t know how one would guess that the little circle means “manage subscription.”

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It’s one of the JIT “discoverable” things. When a member is on a Category list page in desktop view it displays in the menu row. That in itself should suggest it’s a menu item.
True, the circle icons may not mean much, especially to a newer member, but there is the down arrow indicating there’s more to be seen. Once that’s opened the fuller descriptions are there.

I confess I didn’t notice it there right away myself. I used my Profile Preference Settings to Watch the categories I had interest in.

But it would be more consistent to have it display more like the topic level setting that is below topics - if there is room for the extra width.

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Wait, why don’t you try it out in a site customization? totally doable today.

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Yeah, that’s one way, but I was wondering if isn’t this something that can be improved for all discourse users somehow? :wink:

Plus, it would be nice to be able to have it localized too.