Adding user to a group on user's admin page would be convenient

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We have a forum for the backers of our Kickstarter campaign. We want certain categories to be read/write only to them, while other users (i.e. everyone) can only see them.

We are adding users to the group by an external script and currently we have a group of about 3,500 users. However, the group UI is now completely useless – there is no way how to check if user is part of the group or remove him/her from the group. I think it would be very useful to have a list of group a user is member of on the user’s page. One could then easily modify user’s membership there.

Category-Specific Moderators, phase 1 RFC
(Sam Saffron) #2

I am fine to get this added as well as revamp the groups page to support large amounts of group members.

Anyone care to try a PR for this?

(Jeff Atwood) #3

I believe changes @eviltrout is in the process of making will show group memberships on the user page as well. (referring to new group “user” pages.)

(Robin Ward) #4

As of Friday, we’ve been showing groups on the user pages :smile: let me know how it’s working for you.

(Tobias Eigen) #5

I agree with this - right now, I go to the user list to see what group people are in but I can’t edit/change the user’s groups from there. You have to go to the groups admin pages to see and manage who is in groups.

I was just thinking that it would be useful to be able to let admins see and manage groups from user lists (filter by group across the top, then select users for bulk action) and from user settings pages directly (see groups as it is now but with added functionality to add/delete groups if admin).

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(Sam Saffron) #6

implemented a while back.

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