Additional email address per user account support



I see the same thing on v2.1.0.beta2 +266; the field appears for Secondary Emails, but no apparent way to add one on the user or admin side.

(Alan Tan) #26

That PR doesn’t add the UI for adding a secondary email so you’ll not be able to do so yet.


Gotcha. Is there an estimate for a release date for the UI portion?

(Elive Linux) #28

Im not sure if im in the correct topic, let me explain the case:

Actually I’m having difficulties to whitelist the domain in DNSBL check page

Basically, they attempts to send an email to, but this address doesn’t exist and is not managed (I used this setup Straightforward direct-delivery incoming mail ), so it is received as “rejected” (but seems like it is cut?)

How i can make it to be a real address, or to be forwarded to a specific “admin of the forum” address? I would need to add an additional address to my user profile?

(Michael Howell) #29

It’s definitely not. @staff please move this into its own topic, or into the Staightforward direct-delivery one.

No. There are basically two ways you could fix this.


You could have a separate email service forward into your Discourse mail receiver, so that nobody ever sees your forum’s IP address directly and it doesn’t matter if it’s on a DNSBL or not.

For example, uses Mailgun. There is a mail-receiver running on there; port 25 is even open to the public. But my reply-to address is set to reply+%{reply_key}, with no forum. in the domain name, and Mailgun has a route that forwards reply+.* to

Add a group

You can configure a Group in Discourse to receive emails to Add only staff to it.

(Christoph) #30

Not at all or is there a way via CLI?

(Leo McArdle) #31

Yep, open the rails console with rails c, and do something like this:

UserEmail.create!(user: User.find_by_username("user1"), email: "")

Secondary Emails with SSO