AddThis buttons not reflecting changes to page

(Tom Wrench) #1

I appreciate there is already a sharing option within Discourse posts, however I thought I’d play around a bit with the AddThis sharing buttons ( on my site (see screen shot below) to see if they can promote sharing a little more. Having had a play around I’ve found the buttons fail to recognise changes in URL when the different pages are dynamically loaded.

E.g. I load the home page, then click through to a post, but when clicking on one of the AddThis buttons to share the post they are stuck with the URL of the original page it loaded on (the home page).

Currently I have the javascript code in the section in the customize admin option. Does anyone know a way to make this code to force reload so it shares the correct page when sharing?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

These are not compatible with JavaScript apps like Discourse, they are intended for websites.

(Tom Wrench) #3

Yeah, that was the conclusion I was coming to. Thought I’d ask anyway to see if anyone had a trick to make it work! Cheers Jeff.


Is there a work around to this?