Adjusting Topic Tracking from Email Digest

Good day,
I found this older topic and am wondering if there has since been progress in this area.

I, too, would be glad if there was a way to reply to a digest email. We have a user in a remote region where data coverage is spotty at best, and he can only check his email weekly. Logging in via the web interface is not easy due to his limited connectivity.

Our user has been requesting that we could turn down the volume of email he is receiving, yet at the same time, he wants to be able to track certain topics in detail. Specifically, he would like to modify the tracking status of a topic from the default of Untracked to Tracked, using the digest email itself. The problem is that the per-topic reply-commands like the following

  • +1 or like : likes the post
  • watch : watches the topic
  • track : tracks the topic
  • mute : mutes the topic

don’t work unless you have a specific email from the topic to operate from.

I did just now discover that you can set all categories to track-first-post under Preferences->Notifications. However, this still results in one email per new topic, and on a high-volume forum, this may be too much.

Perhaps there are additional workarounds out there?