Email digest should include a brief overview of unread topics (or total amount)

As far as I can see Discoruse only sends me “recent activity” but I’d also like to know if there are updates to discussions that I have shown my interest for.

Be that either a list with all unread threads (maybe limited to e.g. 10) or just a notifier a la “There are 10 discussions with unread posts. Click [here] to go directly to the Unread list.”

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Possibly, but note that for anyone who directly replied to you in those topics, you would already have an email notification for.

Only for watched topics, not tracked.

It could be possible to not include watching topics with direct email notification in that list, but I’d rather prefer posts to be marked as read when they are read in an email. I remember reading that here 1-2 days ago but can’t seem to find it (so no link).

No, not true. If someone replies directly to you in a topic, you will be notified via notification panel, and email (if you are not active on the site when it happens). Only exception is if you have explicitly muted the topic, or otherwise disabled email notifications.

Okay, this is the other exception which I realized later. However, I have marked several threads as “tracked” (because I’m interested in them or I read the thread for 4 minutes after which they are automatically marked). Of course I wouldn’t get a reply directly to me if I never made a post there, or maybe I am just interested in other posts as well that are not replies to me.

The only way I currently see whether my tracking discussions have new posts is when I get the digest email and would like to read on on a specific thread. And then I still have to go back to the topic list page to be able to see “Unread (N)”.