Admin Button broken when user account gets moderator status


  • User A gives User B moderator
  • User B goes to their profile.
  • They see a broken button, called en.admin.user.show_admin_profile.
  • They click on it and they get brung to an error page.

Thanks for reporting, we will get it sorted in the next few weeks.


I can’t see this happening on my User B (moderator). Is this a local setup? Can you confirm if this is still happening?

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Oh I think I know what this could be. The admin bundle only ships to admins.

I suspect the repro is:

  • Account B navigates to home page
  • Account A give B admin
  • Account B navigates to a profile page without reload

The workaround is to reload the page.

I think this is certainly a bug, but quite low priority, we should force a full refresh on route transition in cases like this.

Does this align with your experience @twofoursixeight


This is what I think happened, User B got moderator status and went to a pre-loaded profile page.

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