Admin cant add Categories (or am i an Admin?)

My searches all found closed threads, sorry to start a new one but I didnt see an option.

To begin, i believe I am definitely an Admin, not just a moderator, so should be able to add Categories.

hamburger menu says I am

Ok weird, I can use the admin URL and see all the tools, but the shield symbol does say I am a Moderator. I am a little confused, it feels like I am a moderater but somehow got access to see admin stuff, but not create categories…

New to this, any advice appreciated! Thx


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Hello, moderators can see the admin dashboard. If you are an administrator in hamburger menu you will have this option

Also be sure to check the about of your forum as moderators and admins are marked clearly.

Once admin go to categories:


Thank you, excellent explanation!


No problem! That’s what we’re here for sharing and helping :slight_smile: