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Dear Discourse team,

first things first: As always, we are still highly impressed about the quality of the Discourse software and the spirit and love you are pouring into it. We can’t imagine running our communities on and without it. We appreciate your efforts very much.

This is just a humble report about a minor thing we have been observing for some time already which is still present on our current 2.7.0.beta1 installations. We know your obligations might still be on very much harder problems running the maintenance of Discourse, so this report is really just for the records.

When going to the Reports pages within the Admin section of Discourse and trying to pick a datetime range by using the keyboard (i.e. trying to overwrite the year – e.g. 2019)…

… we are regularly experiencing the page to bail out because the action applying our typing will respond too quickly before waiting for it to complete. More often than not, this will lead to such a response because the data coming back from the selected datetime range will probably be too large to be processed quickly enough.

Maybe this is something that could be improved by applying some idle timeout or delay to the user’s typing?

With kind regards,

I just tried to figure out whether others are already experiencing such woes and to come up with the right jargon. Indeed, I have been able to find some references so I will just quote them here for reference.

After quickly scanning through this excellent article by Vitaly Friedman, I well recognize that improving the UX on those aspects might be harder than expected.

Can you repro this @joffreyjaffeux ?

Changes I have made in the last months should have fixed this. Let me know if it doesn’t.


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