The dashboard stats' date picker drives me crazy 😵‍💫

When you’re not using the calendar view and writing the date in the text-like field, it tends to reset the field value when we type numbers… It’s quite frustrating.

I was trying to show some stats to a friend sitting next to me yesterday and he couldn’t stop laughing at how much I had trouble setting the dates I wanted. :sweat_smile:

At first, I just want to replace 2022 with 2002. It resets the entire date. Then, I must re-write 2002.
Then I set the month and day, it works.
Then I want to replace the month 01 with 02. It resets the whole date again.
I re-wrote 02 as the month, it works. Then 02 as the day, and then I want to write 2002 as the year… It resets the date.

I think something must be done about this field. Until then… :person_in_lotus_position: is the way!


I agree 1000%!
I’ve never posted because trying to describe the behavior (without a video) would make me sound crazy!


I figured out a few days ago that the current most practical way in my opinion to select dates is to edit them directly in the URL query.

Edit: I also figured out that the reason for which the numbers reset to 0 in the date picker is that if you want to write a number < 10, you must not write 07, but 7. Typing the leading zero makes things go wrong.