Admin/mods can post to "uncategorized" with "allow uncategorized topics" disabled

A continuation of this bug but different problem

Thank you @sam for helping me with the previous problem

I have removed all the topics from the “uncategorized” category.
Then I disabled the “allow uncategorized topics” feature.

Test 1 Error
Then I created a new topic. The default category was “general” and I did not change it.
The newly created topic was created in the “uncategorized” category. (I believe this is an error)

Test 2 as expected.
I created a new topic, this time I selected a different category and then reselected the “general” category
The newly created topic was created in the “General” category as expected.

Test 3 as expected.
I logged in as a non-admin user
Then I created a new topic. The default category was “general” and I did not change it.
The newly created topic was created in the “General” category as expected.

This bug only seems to affect admins/mod.
This bug only seems to affect the post if you leave it as the default category and not change it.
This bug only seems to happen when the “allow uncategorized topics” feature is disabled.

this should only happen on older releases are you on tests-passed or beta?

hmmm it seems you are on beta 3 did you just upgrade?

Wait, this was changed? As I know I brought up similar concerns back in Dec


I’m about to get my VM up and running to try this out on latest, but I’d be surprised to find it work differently than what I recall in the past (pleasantly surprised, but surprised nonetheless).

Edit: I’m officially pleasantly surprised! :smile:


One question, how does removing the Uncategorized option from the drop down list impact WordPress articles being imported to Discourse? If the category doesn’t match up and would it default to Uncategorized still even though there is a site setting preventing topics from being put in Uncategorized?

We keep up today with new versions as they come out. Normally within 24 hours of receiving the notification of a new update. This problem has been happing for a few weeks (3-5 at lest) now.

Current version: v1.3.0.beta3 +24

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This bug also affects the most recent version of discourse
v1.3.0.beta4 +73


And 1.3.0.beta5, at least for moving a post into a new topic (as moderator, not admin.).

The move post dialogue opens with PHP selected as the category. If you want to move the post to any other category, and select it from the dropdown, that’s fine; it works.

If you want to move it to PHP and leave it at the default - it will move with no category. If you actively select PHP from the dropdown - it will still move with no category. To move to PHP, you need to first select any other category and then switch it back to PHP.


@funvill I see you are interested in this bug. Would you like to buy a hosting contract with us? We always prioritize bugs from customers. :wink:

Yep, I understand, I will stop bugging you.
We are a non-for-profit with a negative cash flow at the moment (not your problem). This bug is not critical, Its more of an annoyance that catches us out once every few days.

Thank you for your efforts, Discourse is awe-inspiring software.

I see this issue plus another one - kind of related one…

Where admins post in a top level category when it’s read only (“See”) and only sub-categories are writeable (“Create / Reply / See”) for new posts.

This is mostly handled by “public shaming” and “jovial abuse” between the moderators and admins - some call it “education” - not something I recommend.
… over time these users try harder not to make the mistake.

Because of the number of admins / moderators these topics usually get corrected quite quickly - however this can be more than embarrassing when an admin posts a private topic - publicly.

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I think that I just fixed this. Can somebody test it?

edit: Just performed some tests, it looks fixed!


Based on my tests, yes, it did. I did tests prior to the commit and after. Prior it went into uncategorized, and after it went into the correct category.

Thanks @riking

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Your timing is impeccable. One of our mods just discovered this bug, so I came to Meta to see if there’s a fix and boom! it’s just been fixed :smile:

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