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Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I have a question regarding the functionality of the plugin. It seems that the chat function, which used to be available within the plugin, has been moved to the settings section to avoid any confusion. Is this correct? Additionally, I have noticed that we used to have the ability to export the chat log into Office 360, but I am unable to locate this feature now. Have the developers removed this option? I would appreciate any clarification on these matters. Thank you.

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The Chat settings are indeed in a dedicated tab within the admin settings. :+1:

However, it seems the move was a little too eager and has hidden the tab where the export button lives. We are aware though, and it will hopefully be returned soon. :crossed_fingers:

In the meantime, you can access the page directly from the [YourSite]/admin/plugins/chat link.

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Thankyou @JammyDodger

Im aware of the whereabouts just the tab where the export button is i’m after, as the discourse AI im using for toxic ect… is picking up quite quickly in our forum. So would like the full chat log.

But im glad you are aware and looking into this :crossed_fingers:

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There’s some discussion about whether we can move the Export and Webhook options into a different place for better grouping/discoverability/not have so many places where settings live, but the current lack of a tab was an unfortunate unintended consequence. :slight_smile:

But for now the Export (and webhooks) option is still available on the /admin/plugins/chat page if you manually navigate to it even though it’s not currently visible in the UI.


I apologise; I may have misled a bit. This is now in the core, so I don’t have it in the plugin part. It’s just in admin/settings/chat, so I don’t believe I can do it as a workaround as you stated.

However, I had it before but removed it just in case it was causing a conflict with the core settings.

Chat is still a plugin. :+1: It’s just now it’s bundled with core so there’s no need to install it separately.

If you visit that page you should find the Export button that you’re looking for.

But I don’t see where the “chat” plugin is stored. Unfortunately, it’s not here: /admin/plugins/chat.

It’s invisible in the UI right now. You would need to manually add /admin/plugins/chat to your site address to navigate straight to the page. eg:


Godsend, thank you very much! :dizzy:

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This has now been unhidden. :partying_face:

You should be able to see it back in its spot again:


Exquisite, this is now showing on the forum!


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