Admin Setting to send email to all users on new posts or reply to the posts


Is there any admin setting that we can enable so that whenever any user created a new post or replies to the posts, all the users will get the notification via email?

I have turned on notifications as ‘Watched’ in all categories and also I turned on the setting “default email mailing list mode frequency” to “send me an email for every new post”. Even then no user is receiving an email on a new post.

Can someone please help us with what we are missing?

Thanks in Advance.

You should also enable mailing list mode for each and every user.

Turn disable mailing list mode off
Enable default email mailing list mode. I don’t think this changes the preferences for existing users though.

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Thanks for the response. New users are getting emails for new posts now. Is there any way the existing users also will get mail on new posts?

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