Email notifications for a topic

(Sian White) #1

Apologies for what is probably a very simple question.

I don’t understand the notification settings. How do I (or a user) set it up to receive email notifications about posts in a thread that they haven’t started?

Thanks in advance for any help!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Set the notification level for the topic to “watching” via the notification control at the bottom of the topic, or in the right gutter of the topic (on desktop).

Note that emails will only be sent if you are not active on the website at the time of the notification.

(Sian White) #3

Amazing, thanks so much for your help!

(Ronny) #4

I’ve a similiar case.
I want to active email notification. If every user create a post, how to make enable notification for every admin or moderator?

Not only for one or two category, but for all category (global). I want to make every moderator / admin got a notification email.



You can enable the Mailing list mode for each admin.

Preferences > Emails

(Ronny) #6

Hi. could you help me which menu?
Setting or Admin Menu

it will be configured by each user? or just only me as admin, can configure for all moderator user?

Maybe any tutorial to do it?

thanks a lot for your help


Simply visit the user’s Preferences > Emails page for each admin or moderator and turn on Mailing list mode.

As an Admin, you can configure this for any user you want.