Admin Settings Can't save more than one at a time. Sometimes settings are reverted >10 seconds later

We have Discourse deployed in 2 environments on our own servers which are spec’d to beyond the required hardware. The issue is on both these installations.

We are seeing some graphical bugs in the settings page. But also we are sometimes refreshing the whole page to see that the setting was not applied, there are no browser console logs or network failures to suggest the setting is failing to save.

It’s best explained visually. Note the following problems in this gif:

  • Setting enable_signup_cta, then confirming on it’s own. Results in a second click animation on the reset button if moused over (I am not clicking that reset button).
  • Changing 2 settings at once, then confirming one. Results in a reset of the other option. (In other practical cases changing >5 settings, I have seen this be very strange as not all 4 other settings revert)

This is a very temperamental thing, and it’s a bit dangerous for us as we’re setting up OAuth settings, then seeing later they were not applied. Only one admin is making changes at a time and we have no scheduled script making settings changes.

Any ideas?



I can reproduce this, we should have a fix shortly. Thanks.


Oh I got this bug yesterday, nice report.


Hi @JezPez this is now fixed. You should no longer see the issue after rebuilding.


Do we need to backport this one as well?

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Yes, I think so. I’ve marked it as such in review.


Holy moley,

Thank god this was a real bug and not just me, I thought I was losing my mind.

I set that before though, didn’t I? Better set it again… Oh but the other one I definately set before, and now the logos not loading either, I’ll set both… now they’re both reset!
Did I ever set them?
Where am I?
What day is it?