Admin Statistics Report

(Saiqul Haq) #1

Based on the Admin Statistics Digest spec.

Source on GitHub:

This plugin sends statistic report like:

  • These users joined some time in the past 60-30 days
  • These are your top non-staff users of the month
  • These formerly very active users are not so active any more
  • The 5 most active responders in the #support category were: …
  • Most popular topics & posts this month


  • Email report sample:


Add git clone to the container file

    - exec:
      cd: $home/plugins
          - git clone
          - git clone

or follow the instruction on Install Plugins in Discourse

Data analytics by complex networks and text mining
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Plugin: Monthly automated community report
Data Explorer Plugin
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Plugin: Admin statistics digest
Data analytics by complex networks and text mining
(Alex Armstrong) #2

Looks like a very useful plugin.

To avoid the awkward English here:

You can recast this sentence to read: “On day [drop down menu] of each month”

(Saiqul Haq) #3

Thanks for the suggestion
I just updated the description

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(Tobias Eigen) #4

I like it! I just installed the plugin to try it out, and it’s pretty neat. Very helpful to have this regular update recorded in an email. Many thanks for contributing it! :sunflower:

Some nice to haves to recommend based on my community’s needs:

  • ability to exclude categories completely from the report
  • ability to exclude usernames completely from the report
  • ability to specify staff by username or group
  • ability to specify email address(es) to send from/to
  • howto for customizing the email that is sent out
  • include the stats from the about page in the email
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(Tobias Eigen) #5

I just noticed a small bug with the plugin - when I leave the admin page for the plugin the URL doesn’t change in my browser. I seem to recall something about this back in the day, not sure what the answer is but probably something you need to do to prevent it from keeping the URL. Maybe @sam can recall?

(Saiqul Haq) #6

wow thanks for your feedback
unfortunately I am not actively adding any enhancements to the plugin at this time, but I will post here if there are any updates, and let you know if one of your community’s need has been added to feature list

(Alessio Fattorini) #7

That’s a pity :frowning:

(Tobias Eigen) #8

fyi this plugin does not allow a rebuild to the latest version of discourse

ExecJS::ProgramError: Error: Assertion Failed: Using `{{view}}` or any path based on it ('javascripts/admin-statistics-digest-setting' @ L10:C13) has been removed in Ember 2.0
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Upgrade fails with "javascripts/explorer-query-result has been removed in Ember 2.0"
(Saiqul Haq) #9

Thanks for the report
I will update the plugin soon to compatible with newest EmberJS (2.4.6) used by Discourse

(Saiqul Haq) #10

I just updated the plugin
it works with latest Discourse version

(Christoph) #11

Is this plugin still working fine on the latest version of discourse?

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(Sam Saffron) #12

Only one way to find out :smirk: can you test and report back if it has any issues?

(Saiqul Haq) #13

I have tested it locally, sending email report feature is works
and testing spec has been passed using latest Discourse code

(Ivan Rapekas) #14

Seems that this plugin overrides global setting ‘disable emails = true’ because Admin Statistics Digest is sent to staff members anyway…

(Saiqul Haq) #18


I just updated the plugin, it wouldn’t sending email anymore if disable emails global setting equals true

btw I just realised that there is pull request from @Simon_Cossar
please let us know how the email design/template?

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(Christoph) #19

You must have brioken something in with that update:

(Saiqul Haq) #20

Sorry for regression

I just updated the plugin


taking a look! thanks for this!

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(Saiqul Haq) #22

Hi guys

are you still using this plugin?

I’m just trying to refactor the code to be more customizable, but the Javascript code seems broken, because incompatibility issue with EmberJS version on current Discourse
unfortunately I forget everything about EmberJS because I am using another JS framework in day to day :sweat_smile:

please let me know if you think this plugin still useful, so I can try to learn about Ember JS again

(Jeremy M) #23

Heh - I was just about to install it and see how it works and if it gives us a lot of what we want for reporting/stats

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