Admin Topic Timer vs Topic Timer

Hello. I am planning a forum feature where I will make a weekly post but I want to prepare these in advance (1-2 months). I discovered this excellent thread about topic timers. How to create a Timed Topic Then I saw something else about Admin Topic Timers. I cannot seem to find more details to understand what the difference is between Admin Topic Timers and what is described in the link above.

Can someone please point me to information about this. I need to decide what is the best way for me to create these weekly posts for my forum before I start setting it all up.

Thank you!

Do you recall where you saw this?

There are two types of topic timers: “Topic Timers”, and “User Topic Timers”. All timers can be used by staff (admin & moderators) as well as TL4 users. “Topic Timers” make a public change to the topic, for example opening/closing, changing category, or bumping. “User Topic Timers” set a reminder that only the user setting the timer can see.

For pre-creating weekly posts, you’re looking for the Schedule Publishing timer, which is a “Topic Timer”.


To echo what @jomaxro said, your best route is using a topic timer to schedule the publishing of these topics.

One way to approach setting these up is creating a drafts subcategory under the staff category, and then schedule the topic timer to have the topic posted to the appropriate category at the time/date you set.