/admin/users/list does not indicate which columns are sortable

Very excited to see @blake and @designbygio’s work in making the user lists in Admin sortable. One small critique is that there is no indication that the columns are clickable. On a similar table that can be sorted (like /users), when hovering on a clickable (sortable) column, the mouse becomes a pointer, and the header - button - gains a grey color.

For clarity, as well as consistency, it’d be very nice if similar visual queues were used on the Admin lists.


@jomaxro good point! i will take care of that


@jomaxro here is the PR with the fixed. I also try to re-modernize a bit the look following /users table style.


One more item I noticed @designbygio, the icon indicating sorting seems to default to the seen column for all views, but not all views default to sort by seen. Both /new and /staff appear to sort on created, and I’m not sure what /suspended, /blocked, and /suspect sort on as there aren’t enough users on any of my sites to deduce it.