Alphabetic sort of usernames

This was brought up by one of our members and seems to make sense.

Currently the Users section can be sorted by lots of things (from Visits to Viewed, to Replies) except what I think is an important one: by username. There’s no way to sort the list of users (alphabetically) by username.

Likewise, using the general search and filtering using the ‘@’ prefix returns a list of existing usernames, but that’s also not sorted alphabetically — I guess it shows the most active first. Now, I actually agree with this one, but with that, it doesn’t seem to be possible to have a alphabetical list of usernames anywhere.

Hence, a feature request: could the table in the Users section have username as a sorting criteria as well? I imagine the Username column header to become “Username” and the number of results could be moved up, perhaps next to the time window filter, or, next to the search box.


I agree that at a certain forum size having an extra sort option here by username and name can make sense.

Getting the UX right is tricky, feel free to shoot off any visual mockups so we can evaluate.


Here’s a simple mockup just to help visualize this:

The alignment of the Username header follows what other tables with users do in Discourse, like in the admin users list (where it is already possible to sort by username, but this is for the users).

The only other change is moving the number of results to the left of the filtering box where I think it is actually more easy to find than right now.

In small viewports it shouldn’t be a problem as the table columns are already larger than the size needed by the filtering controls at the top.


I am not against adding this, I wonder what @codinghorror thinks.

Additionally if prioritize username in ux is unchecked, that title should be “Name” not username and it should be “filter by name” no “filter by username”.


I don’t see any difference between the mockup and what happens now on the users page?

I’d need to see at least one enterprise customer asking for this before we proceed.


Diff here is that currently you can not click on the “Users XYZ” column to sort by username/user:


Fair enough this thing can wait. I don’t feel any rush here at all and this can wait.

To be honest it is only ever really something you would want on enormous communities where 100s of users are called “Jane”

Given we don’t really have a go ahead (and the proposal strips a feature - total user count) I am going to withhold the #pr-welcome tag for now.


The table header on the first column changes to ‘Username’ (or Name, as per settings) and the number of results is moved next to the search box. Better mockup below.

The proposal does not strip any feature: the total user count is still there, only moved to the left of the filtering box where it is easier to find when searching:

The current state, just for ease of comparison:


Is it possible to have this looked into one more time please? I know this is not high priority, but I think it may have been dismissed due of a misunderstanding of what was being proposed. This would not strip any feature away. Please see my previous post for the details. Thanks.


OK I am putting a #pr-welcome on your mockup, if someone from the community can swing it accounting for mobile and ensuring indexes are right then we can do this.


A pr for this is merged to the master