Admin - Users: tab switching breaks content

I have noticed a bug in Admin/Users: if you switch tabs (Active, New, Suspended) quickly, you may end up with list of users populated from previous tab. I noticed this when I was switching from Active to Staged and was confused to find whole user list (active) on Staged list (with Staged users header).

BTW, I also find Groups tab annoying, as it does not have same navigation as other tabs: when you select it, you loose navigation and need to go back or restart from top. Groups is also broken on top menu - same behaviour.

Will have a look at this today.


I have been clicking tabs for a longer time than I’m willing to admit and never reproduced this. Can you consistently reproduce this? What’s your browser? Is it on desktop or mobile?

Interesting, I cannot reproduce it now anymore. It was on Chrome/Mac, however browser just updated today, but I doubt it was that that “fixed” it. Will do some more testing…

Reproduced it: it seems it is related to sort order. When I have changed the sort order to Created (last column) on Active users, it was easy to reproduce again. I got all active users listed as Suspected (otherwise empty list).


Nice, I think I can repro something now, will work on a fix next week :+1:


This should be fixed by:

I’m waiting on some review here before merging, note sure this is the best fix. The test I added catches the previous failure.

EDIT: merged