Admin wrench stays with the topic post count above when scrolling to the bottom

I spotted this minor issue some days ago and still haven’t find a solution. I attached a video below:

The difference with this community is that the topic scroll/jump to bar (post count) stays at the end of each post, whereas in my community, it stays some posts above.


This is also happening to me but with post count

It must be a bug. As said.

That’s what i was talking about. Note, it happens both in PMs and topics.

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It Must be a bug then. However, it only happens on your forum. On mine it does not seem to happen? I will check

I think the footer in the site in the video causes this issue. If I hide the footer, the topic progress element (i.e. posts count) is placed in the correct location.

If the footer is built using a theme component, let me know, I can test the theme component specifically and see if it can be fixed.


Custom html and css should be fine, but you should use the below-footer plugin outlet. I’m not sure what you are currently using, but the Discourse easy footer component uses below-footer and works fine.


Thanks for the solution, @pmusaraj :slight_smile:

Amazing how you guys can find a solution for everything!