Scroll to bottom of a topic with 1 Post

In the case where there’s a single topic with a single post, it seems the site doesn’t scroll to the bottom if I click at the bottom. For example, there are some topics even here in this site where a new plugin or something is released and there is only 1 post which is very long. Sometimes, the poster wants to edit it, so they have to scroll to the bottom.

Basically if I click on the “2d ago”, it should go to the bottom, but it doesn’t. If there are multiple posts, the scroll to the bottom does work. Just not when there’s a single post.


(@AntiMetaman note that your screenshot shows THREE posts, not one…)

Yeah this specific case as listed in the title (but not the screenshot) is annoying. I thought we had a strategy for this @sam / @daniel ? For long first posts, I agree that tapping the bottom part of the scroll should take you to the bottom of that giant first post.


Thanks for checking this out. I updated the screenshot to reflect the correct topic and also provided a link to a long first post.


This commit should fix the issue

The previous behavior looked like this

You can try the new behaviour here on Meta.

Thanks for reporting the issue @AntiMetaman :+1: