"Administrator" wraps to new line when opening Topics/Categories Menu in Italian

Here’s what I see in my Discourse instance:

As you can see, “Amministratore” (which I guess is Admin in English) overflows to a new line.

Font is Montserrat.


If we add these styles to the .widget-link, we can get it to look this this

    text-overflow: ellipsis;
    width: 100%;
    overflow: hidden;

Screenshot 2021-01-14 135307

@awesomerobot you think those style changes would be fine and not conflict with themes?

Yeah I don’t think it’s a problem at all, it might need to be scoped to only cover that menu because widget-link is used in other places like search results?


Alright, here is a PR.


Merged and working here on Meta:

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 9.37.06 PM

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