Site header overlapping the first message admin options

If a topic has a short content, the message admin options are partially hidden by the header:

Tried in safe mode? can be a rouge plugin!

I corrected my topic : the menu is not the topic options, but the message options.
I tried in safe mode as well.

Still can’t repro! maybe it’s the locales or something custom on your forum.

You are not opening the message admin options, but the topic admin options.

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This is something with CSS! I can confirm the Repro Now!

cc @Johani

Ah I see, the translated text is wrapping to multiple lines so the menu is taller than it is in English. I should be able to change this so the buttons are wider instead of wrapping, which would make it short enough.


You’ll set a fixed width, not an auto width (with a max-width just in case)?

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I took a look and ended up setting an auto width with a max-width (max-width is 320px, which is generally the smallest mobile screen we support). This change should be available within the next day.


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