Admins can't remove themselves from PMs

Reproduction Steps:

  1. testuser2 (not staff), messages testuser5 (also not staff)
  2. testuser2 invites admin (an admin) to PM
  3. admin replies he has nothing he can contribute and then clicks the next to admin to remove himself
  4. Message denoting admin removed admin is shown in PM thread (recipient list removes admin too)
  5. Refresh the page, admin is still listed as a recipient,

Admins should be able to remove themselves from a topic to avoid notifications and make it clear to the users they are not on it.

It is understood the admin can review that PM regardless, but to end users, it makes it clear that the admin is not apart of the active discussion anymore.

Side Note:
If any of the recipients is a moderator. They can successfully remove the admin from the PM.
Other admins can remove other admins too. It is just an admin can’t remove themselves from a PM.

Tested on Latest, ping @ralphm


Maybe @sam should have a look at this?

Confirmed, this is a bug.


Fixed per: