Adsense ad crawler errors

Using official ad plugin Official Advertising / Ad Plugin for Discourse

The /new - /unread pages having crawler isssue, how to solve this?

Can you share your url? Does your site require login?

Actually, its our clients website, it does require login, but the website is accessible to all without login same as this forum

So if you’re not logged in you can see the topics at

No, it is not visible!

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

So that’s what Google sees. I’m pretty sure that it’s frowned on to have content listed that’s not available, though the paywall sites do that to some degree.

Edit: I got this one wrong!

In order to determine what content is “new” or “unread”, the forum needs to know who you are, and thus requires a logged in user.


Any idea how to fix this?

Adsense will work fine without access to these two pages.


Shouldn’t these two be excluded in robots.txt?

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