Adsense Banner Ad breaks Menu and user Icon on Mobile

When I create an Adsense banner Ad 728*90 like leader board, the ad displays perfectly but for some reason on mobile it makes the menu completely disappear along with the logged in users Avatar!

Screen shots below. One is with banner active, another is without banner active.

Just realized there are 36 new commits since last upgrade so I’m going to upgrade really quick and see if that fixes the issue.

The issue persists after upgrade :weary:

As you can see from pic below, when Adsense is enabled & showing banner ads the user Avatar and Menu in the upper right completely disappear.

PS - This only affects mobile. Desktop works as expected.

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Are you using the official Discourse ad plugin?

That plugin allows you to set a different size for ads to be served on desktop and mobile for each ad slot via site settings.

Using a 728*90 will not work on mobile (it’s too wide). You need to pick a more appropriate size for mobile devices. So, please check your site settings and let us know.


Changing the mobile Ad to 320x100 fixed the issue. You can close this. Thanks for the help.