Remove Google AdSense anchor ad on mobile

Hey friends,

I’ve been running ads on my Discourse install successfully for like two hours now so I’m very happy. I’ve got a problem, tho.

I’ve set up ads using AdSense. Everything seems to be working (excerpt for some ads that are not loading sometimes), but when navigating on the mobile version of the forum, I see this horrible anchor ad (that’s the name of it according to Google AdSense documentation) on top/bottom of my screen. I hate it, it’s visually much too intrusive.

:arrow_up: I don’t want this thing saying “Message de votre Ange Gardien” on my forum.

Any idea of how to take this sticky ad off ?

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My nice and reliable friend helped me solving this (yes that was pretty fast <3).

Just go on, then in Ads > Overview, click on Edit on the site you’re wanting to fix, and turn off AUTO ADS.

Changes can take some time to propagate on the website (it fooled me more than once).

Sorry for causing trouble :content: have a nice daayyy~~


You can add
overlays: {bottom: false}
In your Adsense script.


Oh, interesting !

I’m using the built-in AdSense module so it’s not how it works for me, tho.

But eh, thanks c: